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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 534/

Isemonger Collection: Miscellaneous Photographs taken in the North-West Frontier Province.

Photographers: Mela Ram & Sons; Bali & Co; R.B. Holmes; W & D Downey and others unknown.
Contents: 101 prints 65x43mm to 163x288mm Silver gelatine and platinum prints
Provenance: Presented by Mrs Tina Gough, 1979.
Subjects: civil disturbances - political movements - military aircraft
Description: Collection of prints, the majority mounted on loose album pages, with handwritten captions. As well as general topographical views and some portraits the photographs also record two historic events: the air lift from Kabul in 1928-29 and the Peshawar disturbances of April-May 1930. The evacuation of Kabul was prompted by civil war in Afghanistan and was undertaken by the RAF. Between December 1928 and 25th February 1929, 84 missions were flown and 586 civilians evacuated. The Peshawar disturbances resulted from the arrest of political leaders and subsequent confrontations between military forces and demonstrators inspired by Gandhi's civil disobedience campaign. Dozens of protesters were killed or injured by gunfire on 23rd April 1930 and in later incidents in the city. This collection was presented by the daughter of F.C. Isemonger, Indian Police.

Album contents:-
Photo 534/(1) Planes which brought refugees from Kabul to Peshawar, Winter 1928-9. 
Photo 534/(2) Plane that brought Refugees from Kabul. 
Photo 534/(3) Planes which brought Refugees from Kabul. 
Photo 534/(4) [Group standing by an aircraft] B.J. Gould, Sir Norman [Bolton], C.H. Gidney. 
Photo 534/(5) The French Minister's arrival [after the evacuation of Kabul]. 
Photo 534/(6) Maj Erskine, Monday 25th. 
Photo 534/(7) [View of a Handley Page Hinaidi used in the evacuation of Kabul.] 
Photo 534/(8) [View of a Vickers Victoria used in the evacuation of Kabul.] 
Photo 534/(9) [View of a Handley Page Hinaidi used in the evacuation of Kabul.] 
Photo 534/(10) Lady Bolton, Sir Norman & Mr Gould [at Peshawar airfield]. 
Photo 534/(11) Left: Sir Norman Bolton, CC; Sir Francis Humphrey & Mrs Mills, [Peshawar airfield]. 
Photo 534/(12) Sir Francis Humphrey on Peshawar aerodrome. After the evacuation of Kabul. With Lady Bolton. 
Photo 534/(13) Plane 8816.J. Vickers Victoria, by which Sir F. Humphrey arrived from Kabul to Peshawar, Feb 25th 1929. 
Photo 534/(14) Sir Francis Humphrey's plane landing at Peshawar. 
Photo 534/(15) [Group mingling at Peshawar airfield]. Mr Gould, walking; A. Crichton (ADC); Godwin; G.C. Mills; CC [Sir Norman Bolton]; Flt Lt Spencer; "Bish" (Sqd Ldr Alan Bishop); Iris; Bungy; Bolton. 
Photo 534/(16) [Prints 16-34. A series of snapshot views in Peshawar and its environs.] 
Photo 534/(35) [Group] Outside R.A. Mess, Rawal Pindi. 
Photo 534/(36) [Portrait of] F. Isemonger. 
Photo 534/(37) One of the gateways, Peshawar City. 
Photo 534/(38) At the Frontier, Afghanistan & India. 
Photo 534/(39) [Mosque] Peshawar City. 
Photo 534/(40) Attock Bridge. 
Photo 534/(41) Entrance to the Khyber Pass. 
Photo 534/(42) Amanulla, King of Afghanistan, inspecting [European troops]. 
Photo 534/(43) British Legation, Kabul, 1928-29. 
Photo 534/(44) Minaret, Peshawar City. 
Photo 534/(45) Kila Drosh, Chitral. 
Photo 534/(46) House of Karum Chand, [Peshawar]. 
Photo 534/(47) [Snapshot view of a flying boat.] 
Photo 534/(48) Junction of Nagrai & Chamba Valleys, NWFP. 
Photo 534/(49) [View in the Khyber Pass.] 
Photo 534/(50) In a garden, Jaipur. 
Photo 534/(51) April 23rd 1930, 9.45am. Riots, Peshawar City. Armoured car on fire. In front D.R.'s [Despatch Rider's] bycicle [sic] (D.R. killed). Bricks having been thrown. 
Photo 534/(52) April 23rd 1930, 1.10pm, [Peshawar]. Positioning of troops & armoured cars before second dispersal of mob by fire. 
Photo 534/(53) April 23rd 1930, Kotwali, [Peshawar]. Troops in possession. K.O.Y.L.I. [Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry]. 
Photo 534/(54) April 23rd 1930, Kissa Khani Bazaar, [Peshawar]. Area where rioting took place, looking to Kabuli Gate. 
Photo 534/(55) Memorial to "The Martyr's of the Freedom of India". 
Photo 534/(56) Troops in Hastings Chowk at Breakfast, [Peshawar]. 24.4.30. 
Photo 534/(57) May 4th 1930, [Peshawar]. House marked X burned down. Fire broke out 3.30am before 2nd entry of troops. Incendarism [sic] suspected for sake of insurance! 
Photo 534/(58) Poonah Horse in Peshawar City. 
Photo 534/(59) [Indian cavalry regiment on the streets], Peshawar City. 
Photo 534/(60) "The Army of God" or Khada-i-Khidmatgaran of Utmanzai, Charsadda, with their leader Abdul Ghaffar Khan. "Long Live Revolution". 
Photo 534/(61) K.O.Y.L.I., Peshawar City, April 23rd 1930. 
Photo 534/(62) Congress House, [Peshawar], K.O.Y.L.I. in possession. 
Photo 534/(63) Troops in Peshawar City. 
Photo 534/(64) Bara Fort, NWFP. 
Photo 534/(65) 1st A.C.[Armoured Car] Coy, R.T.C., Peshawar. 
Photo 534/(66) [Armoured Car crossing a river.] 
Photo 534/(67) R.T.C. in camp, Bara. 
Photo 534/(68) [Distant view of a convoy of lorries.] 
Photo 534/(69) [View in a military camp.] 
Photo 534/(70) Jamrud [Fort]. 
Photo 534/(71) [Mountain scenery] N.W.F.P. 
Photo 534/(72) Police Post, [NWFP]. 
Photo 534/(73) [Jamrud Fort]. 
Photo 534/(74) At Michni River. 
Photo 534/(75) Our garden, [6 Commissioner Road, Peshawar]. 
Photo 534/(76) Parachinar, Winter '31. 
Photo 534/(77) Chitral, Winter '31. 
Photo 534/(78) [Group portrait]. Indo-Afghan mission taken in the Afghan camp, [Karlachi]. 
Photo 534/(79) Afghan governor and escort approaching Karlachi on the border. 
Photo 534/(80) Parachinar. Ross Hurst & Bill Fellows. 
Photo 534/(81) K.M. [Kurram Militia] Post, nr Parachinar. 
Photo 534/(82) Parachinar Fort & Safed Koh. 
Photo 534/(83) [Distant view of three figures skiing at Chitral.] 
Photo 534/(84) Pritch., Chitral. 
Photo 534/(85) Razmak. 
Photo 534/(86) [Snapshot portrait of children, NWFP.] 
Photo 534/(87) [View of figures skiing, Chitral.] 
Photo 534/(88) The only train in Kabul, sometimes runs the 5 miles between Kabul & Dar-ul-Aman. 
Photo 534/(89) Taudachina Corner, Waziristan, 1937. 
Photo 534/(90) Staff College, Quetta. 
Photo 534/(91) The Mall, Peshawar. 
Photo 534/(92) Hong-Kong (6am). 
Photo 534/(93) Singapore. 
Photo 534/(94) Colombo. 
Photo 534/(95) Peshawar. (Capt?) Jackie Smyth, VC, 1930. 4 [?] Sikhs. Now Sir John Smyth, Bt. 
Photo 534/(96) [Portrait of] F.C. Isemonger, CIE, CBE, Germany, 1946-7. 
Photo 534/(97) Pujiali, Dodra Kawan, 1906. 
Photo 534/(98) Titarwari, Dodra Kawan, 1906. 
Photo 534/(99) [Group portrait] Punjab Police Week, Gymkhana Club, Lahore, Feby 1928. 
Photo 534/(100) [Portrait of George V.] 
Photo 534/(101) [Portrait of Queen Mary.] 

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