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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 19/2

Grose Collection: Views in the Shan States.

Photographers: Frank Samuel Grose
Contents: 166 prints 75x105mm (average) Gelatine silver prints (sepia)
Provenance: Presented by the executors of F.S. Grose through the offices of Sir John Clague, 9 September 1942. Don 649.
Description: Brown cloth post-bound 'Luxor' photograph album measuring 265x300mm, with title 'Photographs' stamped in gold on front cover. Prints are mounted three or four to a page, with reference code identifying negative number. This reference code consists of a letter of the alphabet for each volume of negatives, and a number for each negative within the volumes. Captions for each photograph can be found both with the list in each negative album, and in two notebooks which duplicate this information.
The collection also contained the original nitrate negatives: these have been duplicated onto safety film and the originals destroyed. The original arrangement of twenty books of negatives (coded A-T) has been broken up into a more convenient system which follows and corresponds with the new numbering of the albums themselves: thus the negative number for Photo 19/1 (50) is now ON 19/1 (50) (where ON stands for Original Negative).

A broad and very selective breakdown of the contents includes the following subjects: Marus at Ho-paw (print 2); Muhso or Lahu woman (print 3); Marus gathering firewood (prints 4-5); Ho-paw village (print 6); Yaos at Kengkum (prints 7-8); camp at Mong Kwan (prints 9-11); Lihsaws (prints 12, 15-16); Strand Road, Rangoon (prints 17-19); Padaung group (print 20); tribal groups (Gaungtos, Brés, Padaungs) gathered at Mandalay for durbar visit of the Viceroy, also showing the ceremonial pavilion (prints 20-27); Ho Mong Palé girls, Hpa Myin village (prints 29-31); Shan pakondan (pedlar), with pet parrots (print 35); Lahu girls (print 36); Kaws (prints 37-8); views on the Salween at Takaw (prints 39-42); Ho-Pong in 1917 (prints 44-6); Kaw women at Nam Ti (print 49); Views at Mong Yu (prints 50-2); Umkengwi Wat and village (prints 56-8); Kachins (prints 61-2); Was (print 66-8); Ens (prints 72-3); Chinese and Shans at Pang Wo (print 74); Kaws at Panghok (prints 75-9); Taping River (prints 82-3); Hkun women (prints 84-5); Lahus at Keng Tung Bazaar (print 87); Nampan Bazaar and boat scenes (prints 89-92); Intha leg rowers (prints 93-6); Man Pang Ferry, Ko-Kang (prints 101-2); Namhsan village (prints 104-5); visit of Lieut-Governor Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler to Loi-pao (prints 101-10); car crossing Teng on ferry, Laihka (print 111); Nam Lawng temporary bridge (print 114); Kachin girls (print 115); Wa group (print 116); opium poppy field (print 117); Ta Man Hsum (print 119); camp at Mong Kao (print 121); Baby Day at Mong Yai, 21 March 1927 (print 124); Steamer Ghat, Iigyaing (print 130); pagoda, Iigyaing (print 131); Katha (prints 132-3); Shwegu (print 134); floods at Bhamo (prints 135-45); Bhamo House (print 146); Mong Yawng Plain from Tat Hsawin Yawng (print 147); eastern entrance to Tat Hsawin Yawng (print 148); Wan Tawng Bridge (print 150); tribal groups at Mandalay for Viceroy's visit (prints 155-8); Kaws on the road (prints 161-2); Nampan Bazaar (print 163); Nampan Pagoda (print 164).

Album contents:-
Photo 19/2(0) Views in the Shan States, including ethnic groups, festivals and topographical subjects. 
Photo 19/2(1) Mengsaws of Wan Mong Saw. Mong He. 
Photo 19/2(2) Marus, Ho Paw. 
Photo 19/2(3) Mu Hso Lady and baby. 
Photo 19/2(4) Maru women bringing firewood. 
Photo 19/2(5) Group of Marus and others. 
Photo 19/2(6) Ho Paw village and Mawn Kio. 
Photo 19/2(7) Yaos of Kengkum. Kenglap. 
Photo 19/2(8) Yaos of Kengkum. Kenglap. 
Photo 19/2(9) Camp at Mong Kwan. 
Photo 19/2(10) Upstream at Me Hsai. Mong Kwan. 
Photo 19/2(11) Camp at Mong Kwan, across stream. 
Photo 19/2(12) Lihsaws, Pang Nai Mi Daw. 
Photo 19/2(13) Nam Kok, Mong Hsat from downstream. 
Photo 19/2(14) Tawmaw under repair, Mong Hsat. 
Photo 19/2(15) Lihsaw lady, K'hing Bay. 
Photo 19/2(16) Lihsaw lady with hkam, K'hing Bay. 
Photo 19/2(17) Strand Road, Rangoon. 
Photo 19/2(18) Strand Road, Rangoon. 
Photo 19/2(19) Strand Road, Rangoon. 
Photo 19/2(20) Durbar Molay, Padaungs 
Photo 19/2(21) Entrance, Maud al. 
Photo 19/2(22) Entrance just before Viceroys's arrival. 
Photo 19/2(23) Keng Tung. 
Photo 19/2(24) Taungyos (left) and Taungthus (right). 
Photo 19/2(25) Bres. 
Photo 19/2(26) Padaungs. 
Photo 19/2(27) Layieus and f***. 
Photo 19/2(28) Stirling, Browne, and Lawksawk at Arakan. 
Photo 19/2(29) Ho Mong Pales. 
Photo 19/2(30) Ho Mong Pales. 
Photo 19/2(31) Ho Mong Pales. 
Photo 19/2(32) Across Na hpa and Pangsang valley, M. Mau Road. 
Photo 19/2(33) Hkun ladies, M.Lug 
Photo 19/2(34) View across Na hpa and Pangsang Valley, M.Mau Road, with Kaw village. 
Photo 19/2(35) Pakondan with parrots. 
Photo 19/2(36) Muhsos (M. Lam) Wan Bonbang. 
Photo 19/2(37) Kaws. *** 
Photo 19/2(38) Kaws. *** 
Photo 19/2(39) Nawagawm at Loi Hsaw from Ta Kaw. 
Photo 19/2(40) Upstream Ta Kaw, from West bank. 
Photo 19/2(41) Ta Kaw forge, bungalow and Loi Hsaw. 
Photo 19/2(42) Ta Kaw forge, Loi Hsaw and Loi Hpa Yi. 
Photo 19/2(43) Bullock leading caravan. 
Photo 19/2(44) Ho Pong, *** with Pagoda in background. 
Photo 19/2(45) Ho Pong, *** with Pagoda. 
Photo 19/2(46) Ho Pong, *** with Pagoda. 
Photo 19/2(47) Taungyo Woman. 
Photo 19/2(48) Hpongyi U Ateiksa, Ho Pong. 
Photo 19/2(49) Group of Kaw ladies, Nam Ti. 
Photo 19/2(50) Mong Yu and Kung from East bank of Nam Lwe. 
Photo 19/2(51) Mong Yu with Saw Tippa's haw. 
Photo 19/2(52) Upstream Mong Yu. 
Photo 19/2(53) Hsoplwe, Hsoplam from South bank. 
Photo 19/2(54) View across Nam Lam above Ta Law of China. 
Photo 19/2(55) *** 
Photo 19/2(56) East door of Um Kengnoi Wal. 
Photo 19/2(57) Um Kengnoi Wal Interior. 
Photo 19/2(58) Um Kengnoi Wal, village and hills. 
Photo 19/2(59) Lems at Mong Hpen. 
Photo 19/2(60) Lems at Mong Hpen. 
Photo 19/2(61) Kachins, Mong Pawk. 
Photo 19/2(62) Kachins, Mong Pawn. 
Photo 19/2(63) *** 
Photo 19/2(64) *** 
Photo 19/2(65) Camphor distilling, Mong Ngen. 
Photo 19/2(66) Wan Seng Was, Mong Ngen. 
Photo 19/2(67) Wan Seng Was, Mong Ngen. 
Photo 19/2(68) Wan Seng Was, Mong Ngen. 
Photo 19/2(69) Wan Village, Wan Seng, Hok Wkun. 
Photo 19/2(70) Wan village from distance. 
Photo 19/2(71) Wan village from South, with houses. 
Photo 19/2(72) Eus Wan Hsai, Hok. Wkun. 
Photo 19/2(73) Eus Wan Hsai, Hok. Wkun. 
Photo 19/2(74) Pang Wo Chinese and Shans. 
Photo 19/2(75) Kaws at Panghok. 
Photo 19/2(76) Kaw lady. 
Photo 19/2(77) Kaw lady with belt. 
Photo 19/2(78) Group of Kaws. 
Photo 19/2(79) Group of Kaws. 
Photo 19/2(80) Building of a shed. *** 
Photo 19/2(81) Wat Pa, Singmyea. 
Photo 19/2(82) Ta Ping, view from bank. 
Photo 19/2(83) Ta Ping, Near view. 
Photo 19/2(84) Mong wak Hkuns. 
Photo 19/2(85) Mong wak Hkuns. 
Photo 19/2(86) Tat Wan Hsai. 
Photo 19/2(87) ***, Keng Tung bazaar. 
Photo 19/2(88) Singlaw gate from West. 
Photo 19/2(89) Corner in Nampan bazaar. 
Photo 19/2(90) *** house and boats. 
Photo 19/2(91) Boats at Nampan bazaar. 
Photo 19/2(92) Boats at Nampan bazaar. 
Photo 19/2(93) *** leg paddling. 
Photo 19/2(94) *** leg paddling. 
Photo 19/2(95) Lake cottage, Yawhgwhe. 
Photo 19/2(96) Paddling in Ta Yaw Canal. 
Photo 19/2(97) Wan Ta Rang from Wan Kyen (1pm). 
Photo 19/2(98) Loi Pangnas from Hsoplam Road. 
Photo 19/2(99) M,wa Atuya's wife. 
Photo 19/2(100) M,wa Atuya's wife. 
Photo 19/2(101) View of Man Pang ferry; Ko Kang, with pony on raft. 
Photo 19/2(102) View of Man Pang ferry; Ko Kang, with mules swimming. 
Photo 19/2(103) Salween valley in mist, view from Road. 
Photo 19/2(104) Camp at Hta Mau Nawng. Kaughsa in distance. 
Photo 19/2(105) View from Namhsan to Man Loi, Ta Pang Tang Road. 
Photo 19/2(106) ** Namhkam trip, Kun-awng. 
Photo 19/2(107) *** and Palaungs at Loi Paw. 
Photo 19/2(108) ***, Palaungs and ladies at Loi Paw. 
Photo 19/2(109) Tea at Mu Se, Pandal. 
Photo 19/2(110) *** 
Photo 19/2(111) Teng ferry, Laihka. 
Photo 19/2(112) Hsai Pai pagodas, Laihka. 
Photo 19/2(113) North from Mong Nawng. 
Photo 19/2(114) Nam Lawng Bridge. 
Photo 19/2(115) Pangyang Bazaar, Kachin girl and pine chips. 
Photo 19/2(116) Pangyang Bazaar, Wa woman. 
Photo 19/2(117) Pangyang Bazaar, Opium garden and houses. 
Photo 19/2(118) Banyan and Camp, Kawn-ye. 
Photo 19/2(119) Ta Man Hsum, upstream. 
Photo 19/2(120) Pigs at Mong Kao. 
Photo 19/2(121) Camp at Mong Kao. 
Photo 19/2(122) Loi Hseng, Mong Heng in distance. 
Photo 19/2(123) Loi Hseng, Mong Heng. 
Photo 19/2(124) Baby day, M'Yai. 
Photo 19/2(125) Maha Seng, Dat Daw, M'Yai. 
Photo 19/2(126) Shinbyas, Sawkawn, Thuggi at Lashio. 
Photo 19/2(127) Mules leaving Mong Yai. 
Photo 19/2(128) *** 
Photo 19/2(129) Tigyaing from downstream. 
Photo 19/2(130) Tigyaing and Steamer Ghat. 
Photo 19/2(131) Tigyaing and pagoda. 
Photo 19/2(132) Katha. 
Photo 19/2(133) Tigyaing. 
Photo 19/2(134) Shewgu. 
Photo 19/2(135) Floods at Bhamo. 
Photo 19/2(136) Floods at Bhamo: house and road. 
Photo 19/2(137) Floods at Bhamo: Kyanng compound. 
Photo 19/2(138) Floods at Bhamo: Kyanng compound. 
Photo 19/2(139) Floods at Bhamo: Where cart traffic ends. 
Photo 19/2(140) Monastery of Irrawaddy at Bhamo. 
Photo 19/2(141) Floods at Bhamo: Polo ground. 
Photo 19/2(142) Floods at Bhamo: Near Tat Gale. 
Photo 19/2(143) Floods at Bhamo: Road by Sen's house. 
Photo 19/2(144) Floods at Bhamo: Monastery. 
Photo 19/2(145) Floods at Bhamo: *** and Sen's house. 
Photo 19/2(146) *** 
Photo 19/2(147) Mong Yawng Plain from Tat Sawm Yawng. 
Photo 19/2(148) Tat Sawm Yawng, East entrance. 
Photo 19/2(149) Hpaya Sao Tip, Tat Sawm Yawng. 
Photo 19/2(150) Wan Tawng bridge at foot of Tat Sawm Yawng hill. 
Photo 19/2(151) Wan Hpi Monastery, Hsaw Tao. 
Photo 19/2(152) Wan Hpi Village looking to Wan Kyen Hill. 
Photo 19/2(153) Wan Hpi Village looking to Wan Kyen Hill: Typical house. 
Photo 19/2(154) Wan Hpi Village looking to Wan Kyen Hill: Monastery. 
Photo 19/2(155) Red karens and Yang Talais. 
Photo 19/2(156) Yang Wan Kuns dancing. 
Photo 19/2(157) Lawksawk Shan dat. 
Photo 19/2(158) Gaungtos. 
Photo 19/2(159) *** 
Photo 19/2(160) Wan Kaw Naw Ti: Loi Keng. 
Photo 19/2(161) Kaws on Road, Nam Ti. 
Photo 19/2(162) Kaws. 
Photo 19/2(163) Boats at Nampan bazaar. 
Photo 19/2(164) Nampan Pagoda. 
Photo 19/2(165) Hpaka Chok's house, *** 
Photo 19/2(166) Nawha pagoda, *** 

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