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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 487/

Afghan War 1878-79. Peshawur Valley Field Force. J. Burke.

Photographers: John Burke
Contents: 100 prints 111x289mm to 204x318mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Presented by the National Army Museum
Notes: See also Photo 430/2
Subjects: military campaigns - Second Afghan War
Description: Brown half-leather bound album measuring 317x458mm, with leather panel titled as above on front cover, and brass clasp (broken). Binding somewhat scuffed and fragile. With bookplate of Joint Services Staff College and inscription in ball-point pen reading 'Presented by Maj. Maitland Wilson'. Prints are mounted one to a page with handwritten captions beneath.
The album binding is identical to that of Photo 430/2, and is of a standard type produced by the Burke studio to contain selections of his Afghan War series of photographs. The firm issued a 4pp. catalogue of 115 available views of the activities of the Peshawar Field Force in its progress from Attock up to the signing of the Treaty of Gandamak in May 1879 (see copy of catalogue at Photo 430/2). This album corresponds to the selection advertised in the catalogue as The Afghan Book, available at a cost of Rs.200, and containing '100 photographs neatly mounted in suitable book with descriptive catalogue. Nos. 8, 13, 17, 36, 41, 43, 44, 52, 68, 94, 105, 106, 107, 108 will be omitted in the Afghan Book.' The captions in this album are taken, with very minor variations, from the printed catalogue. A number of the photographs are duplicated in Photo 430/2.

Album contents:-
Photo 487/(1) H.H. Amir Shere Ali Khan. 
Photo 487/(2) Group of the Amir Shere Ali, Prince Abdullah Jan, & Sirdars. 
Photo 487/(3) Photograph copy of certificate with signatures given by European prisoners in Kabul 1842, to one Bahu Khan. 
Photo 487/(4) Fort Attock with bridge of boats & Khairabad, from below the old serai on left bank of Indus. 
Photo 487/(5) The bridge of boats and fort from Khairabad. 
Photo 487/(6) Peshawur Fort and surroundings from Jail. 
Photo 487/(7) General view of Peshawur looking towards Khyber. 
Photo 487/(8) Jumrood Fort and Camp from right bank of the Khyber stream, looking towards Mohmund Hills. 
Photo 487/(9) General view of Kadm villages and Pass left of Jumrood. 
Photo 487/(10) Shadi Bagiar, entrance to Khyber Pass. 
Photo 487/(11) Khyber side of Sarkai Hill, looking south. Officers of the (Q.O.) Guides reconnoitring. 
Photo 487/(12) Shadi Begiar, mouth of Khyber, from Sarkai Hill, left of pass. 
Photo 487/(13) General view of Khyber from Sarkai Hill looking towards Ali Musjid, taken before advance. 
Photo 487/(14) Four sons of Nowroz Khan of Lalpura. 
Photo 487/(15) Afridi picket near Jumrood, Khyber & Rotass in distance. 
Photo 487/(16) Ascent in the [Khyber] Pass showing Mackeson's causeway and approach. 
Photo 487/(17) Mackeson's bridge and ascent beyond, looking towards Ali Musjid [Khyber Pass]. 
Photo 487/(18) The camp on Shergai Heights - looking south - showing the old fort and hills towards Bazar. 
Photo 487/(19) Shergai Heights looking towards Ali Musjid showing entire line of enemy's defences right & left of Ali Musjid & camp of 3rd Brigade. 
Photo 487/(20) Shergai Heights, General Appleyard & staff, Ali Musjid in distance, showing the tower by Lala Chini where the meeting took place between Major Cavagnari, C.S.I. & Faiz Mahomed Khan. 
Photo 487/(21) Captured guns from Ali Musjid parked on Shergai Height, General Appleyard, C.B. V.C. & staff in foreground. 
Photo 487/(22) Ali Musjid from the gorge. 
Photo 487/(23) Rocky ascent to Ali Musjid. Camp in the distance. 
Photo 487/(24) Ali Musjid camp from Sultan Tarra, showing sunga where Major Birch & Lieutenant Fitzgerald 27th Punjab Infantry, were killed. 
Photo 487/(25) View from a little below the fort [at Ali Masjid] showing sunga from which the enemy kept up a very harassing fire on the advancing columns. 
Photo 487/(26) General view from Ali Masjid, looking back towards Peshawur, showing the whole of the Khyber & country operated in by troops. 
Photo 487/(27) View looking up western wall of fort [at Ali Masjid], showing right corner bastion & position of the three conical peaks forming enemy's right defence, with entire line of sunga. 
Photo 487/(28) Interior of fort, Ali Musjid, looking towards Kuta-Kushta. 
Photo 487/(29) Ali Musjid & surroundings, from left of the 3 peaks forming enemy's right defence. 
Photo 487/(30) Ali Musjid & surroundings, from left of enemy's position on Rotass, looking down on fort, showing ascent with river below. 
Photo 487/(31) Rocky defile below Ali Musjid, looking upstream. 
Photo 487/(32) The defile [below Ali Masjid] looking down stream. 
Photo 487/(33) Sharp turn in the defile [below Ali Masjid], a very rough bit. 
Photo 487/(34) End of the defile [below Ali Masjid], looking towards Kuta-Kushta. 
Photo 487/(35) End of the defile, looking back at Ali Musjid, showing sentry on lower bastion, narrowness of the defile, & height of fort above the stream. 
Photo 487/(36) Back view of Ali Musjid, from a little below Kuta Kushta. 
Photo 487/(37) Kuta-Kushta, the ravine with village in foreground. 
Photo 487/(38) View in the pass near Ali Musjid, showing Tortang. 
Photo 487/(39) Officers of H.M. 51st Regiment on Sultan Tarra, showing different service uniforms worn. 
Photo 487/(40) Rocky bit in the pass near Ali Musjid. 
Photo 487/(41) Buddhist Tope [at] Ispola, between Ali Musjid & Landi Kotal. 
Photo 487/(42) General view Ispola & Sultan Kheyl villages, showing Buddhist Tope. 
Photo 487/(43) Landi Kotal, looking north. 
Photo 487/(44) Group British officers (Q.O.) Guides. 
Photo 487/(45) Group. Lt. General Sir Saml. J. Browne & staff with Generals Macpherson, Tytler, Gough & Appleyard. Safed Sang. 
Photo 487/(46) View from Landi Kotal Pass, looking over Landi Khana towards Dakka. 
Photo 487/(47) Kutchi (gipsy) village & encampment near Dakka. 
Photo 487/(48) Western end Dakka Fort, looking towards Khurd Khyber. 
Photo 487/(49) Interior of Fort Dakka. 
Photo 487/(50) General view of Dakka from Conical Hill, North West. 
Photo 487/(51) Lalpura, from the ferry. 
Photo 487/(52) River gorge above Lalpura, looking towards Bassaule. 
Photo 487/(53) Dakka Fort & Lalpura, showing cemetery from picket at western end of fort. 
Photo 487/(54) Khyber chiefs & Khans, with Captain Tucker, Political Officer in Jamrood Fort. 
Photo 487/(55) The Khan of Lalpura & followers, with political officer. 
Photo 487/(56) Khurd Khyber Pass. 
Photo 487/(57) View of the descent from Khurd Khyber looking towards Bassaule. 
Photo 487/(58) Halt of prisoners from Bassaule, with escort 45th Rattray's Sikhs, on the Khurd Khyber. 
Photo 487/(59) Buddhist Temple excavated at Ali Musjid. 
Photo 487/(60) Landi Kotal Camp, looking east towards Ali Musjid. 
Photo 487/(61) Gorge in the Landi Kotal Pass. 
Photo 487/(62) Landi Kotal, the camp looking south. 
Photo 487/(63) Loargi villages, north of Landi Kotal. 
Photo 487/(64) Landi Kotal Pass, showing road made by the (Q.O.) Madras Sappers. 
Photo 487/(65) General view Landi Kotal Pass, showing windings & descent. 
Photo 487/(66) Bassaule. The Hill of Caves. 
Photo 487/(67) The Kabul River, Jellalabad; the scene of the disaster. 
Photo 487/(68) The River gorge, two miles from Bassaule camp. 
Photo 487/(69) Jellalabad, the city & surroundings from Kabul Gate. 
Photo 487/(70) 'Emankot', Buddhist hill east of Bassaule. 
Photo 487/(71) Peshawur Gate, Jellalabad City & surroundings. 
Photo 487/(72) Jellalabad, the main street, showing covered bazaar. 
Photo 487/(73) Major Cavagnari C.S.I. & chief sirdars with Kunar Syud [Jalalabad]. 
Photo 487/(74) Vie in the large garden, Jellalabad. 
Photo 487/(75) Major Cavagnari C.S.I. & Sirdars Jellalabad Durbar group. 
Photo 487/(76) The Amir's garden, Jellalabad, from entrance. 
Photo 487/(77) The Amir's garden, from side walk [Jalalabad]. 
Photo 487/(78) Camp scene, Jellalabad. 
Photo 487/(79) Five syuds, prisoners en route from Jellalabad. 
Photo 487/(80) Jellalabad. Pipers Hill, with city in left distance. 
Photo 487/(81) Bird's eye view of Jellalabad from the springs. 
Photo 487/(82) Jellalabad, the bastion where General Elphinstone and others were buried during the seige [sic] 1841-42. 
Photo 487/(83) Scene in the city, Jellalabad. 
Photo 487/(84) Jellalabad, general view Pipers Hill, pickets & surrounding country. 
Photo 487/(85) Sketch of ground between Ali Musjid & Shahgai showing positions of British & Afghan forces on 21st Novr. 1878. 
Photo 487/(86) Nimlah Bagh below Safed Sang. 
Photo 487/(87) Safed Sang camp scene I/C R.H.A. 
Photo 487/(88) Panorama Safed Koh from Khyber to Shutar Gardan. 
Photo 487/(89) Panorama Safed Sang Camp from 51st Camp, Safed Koh in distance. 
Photo 487/(90) Safed Sang, river & old bridge, Sikka Ram peak in distance. 
Photo 487/(91) The 44th Hill looking towards Jugdalluck. 
Photo 487/(92) The Amir Yakoob Khan, the first meeting with Major Cavagnari C.S.I. & Mr Jenkyns 7 miles from Safed Sang. 
Photo 487/(93) The Amir Yakub Khan's Highlanders in group [Gandamak]. 
Photo 487/(94) Surakh-aub, the bridge from the gorge looking down the stream. 
Photo 487/(95) Surakh-aub, the bridge from across the stream. 
Photo 487/(96) Surakh-aub, bridge showing gorge. 
Photo 487/(97) The Amir Yakub Khan's camp, Safed Sang. 
Photo 487/(98) Safed Sang, view from across the river, showing Sapper bridge. 
Photo 487/(99) Group. The Amir Yakub Khan & sirdars of Kabul [Safed Sang]. 
Photo 487/(100) Group. The Amir Yakub Khan, General Daod Shah, Habeebula Moustafi, with Major Cavagnari C.S.I. & Mr Jenkyns [Gandamak]. 

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