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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 475/

Scadden Collection: Prince of Wales' Tour of India 1875-76.

Photographers: W. Stretton, Bourne and Shepherd, Samuel Bourne, W.L.H. Skeen and Co and others unknown.
Contents: 73 prints 90x57mm to 201x463mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Unknown provenance.
Subjects: royal tours - named vessels - 'Serapis' - British colonial architecture
Description: Former album broken up into loose mounted prints, apparently compiled by T.W. Scadden. A printed titled page (by De La Rue and Co, London) with an elaborate hand-painted design reads: 'Photographic Album'. The album has in the past suffered extensive damage from damp and many of the prints are in poor physical condition. The loose album pages have now been split and mounted in individual polyester sleeves. The photographs combine views taken at the time of the Prince of Wales' visit to India and Ceylon with earlier topographical views. Some prints are reproduced in Bourne and Shepherd's 'Royal Photographic Album of scenes and personages connected with the progress of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales through Bengal, the North West Provinces, the Punjab and Nepal, Calcutta 1876' (see OIOC Photo 992/1 ).

Album contents:-
Photo 475/(1) H.M.S. 'Serapis'. 
Photo 475/(2) Dining Saloon [H.M.S. 'Serapis']. 
Photo 475/(3) HRH Prince of Wales' drawing room [H.M.S. 'Serapis']. 
Photo 475/(4) [Interior of H.M.S. 'Serapis furnished for the Prince of Wales.] 
Photo 475/(5) [View on the deck of H.M.S. 'Serapis'.] 
Photo 475/(6) H.M.S. 'Osborne' at Calcutta. 
Photo 475/(7) H.R.H. Prince of Wales and Suite at Calcutta [with] Lord Northbrook and Suite. 
Photo 475/(8) [Group of elephants, Ceylon?] 
Photo 475/(9) [Road scene, Ceylon?] 
Photo 475/(10) Officers of H.M.S. 'Serapis'. 
Photo 475/(11) [Portrait of an Indian woman.] 
Photo 475/(12) [Group in Ceylon?] 
Photo 475/(13) Crew of H.M.S. 'Serapis'. 
Photo 475/(14) Seamen of H.M.S. 'Serapis'. 
Photo 475/(15) Eden Gardens, Calcutta. Marines of H.M.S. 'Serapis'. 
Photo 475/(16) [The crew of the 'Serapis' posed by the] Statue of Sir W. Peel, Eden Gardens, Calcutta. 
Photo 475/(17) Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 475/(18) Calcutta from Government House. 
Photo 475/(19) Eden Gardens, [Calcutta]. 
Photo 475/(20) Great Eastern Hotel and Old Court House Street, Calcutta. 
Photo 475/(21) [General view of the maidan from the top of the Ochterlony Monument], Calcutta. 
Photo 475/(22) Rustic scene. Village life in Bengal. 
Photo 475/(23) The Memorial Well, Cawnpore. 
Photo 475/(24) [Interior of the Diwan-i-Khas, Red Fort, Delhi.] 
Photo 475/(25) The Taj from the river, Agra. 
Photo 475/(26) Fort Agra. 
Photo 475/(27) [Goup of Jaipur sirdars.] 
Photo 475/(28) [Group of Pathan chiefs and attendants.] 
Photo 475/(29) [Group of three Tibetan women.] 
Photo 475/(30) Durbar Room in Palace at Jaipur. 
Photo 475/(31) The Residency from the garden, Jeypore. 
Photo 475/(32) [View of a bullock-drawn ekka, Delhi.] 
Photo 475/(33) [Nepalese court ladies.] 
Photo 475/(34) [Mr Bartlett of London Zoo, the naturalist attached to the Prince of Wales' suite, about to skin a tiger in Nepal.] 
Photo 475/(35) [Nepalese shikaris.] 
Photo 475/(36) Servants of H.R.H. Prince of Wales and Suite. 
Photo 475/(37) H.R.H. Prince of Wales and Suite at Bombay. 
Photo 475/(38) Oriental Bank, Watson's Hotel etc, Bombay. 
Photo 475/(39) Government Offices, Bombay. 
Photo 475/(40) Elphinstone Circle, Bombay. 
Photo 475/(41) The Frere Fountain, Bombay. 
Photo 475/(42) Queen's Monument, Bombay. 
Photo 475/(43) Matheran, near Bombay. 
Photo 475/(44) Matheran. 
Photo 475/(45) Bombay to Poona. 
Photo 475/(46) Bund Gardens, Poona. 
Photo 475/(47) Poona from Bund Gardens. 
Photo 475/(48) [Portrait of Mahendra Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala.] 
Photo 475/(49) [Portrait of Sir Salar Jang of Hyderabad.] 
Photo 475/(50) [Portrait of Sir Jang Bahadur, Maharaja of Nepal.] 
Photo 475/(51) Native of Ceylon 
Photo 475/(52) Arab Chiefs. 
Photo 475/(53) [Portrait of the Gaekwar of Baroda.] 
Photo 475/(54) [Portrait of an unidentified Indian ruler?] 
Photo 475/(55) [Portrait of the Maharaja of Indore.] 
Photo 475/(56) [Portrait of the Begum of Bhopal.] 
Photo 475/(57) Market Place at Aden. 
Photo 475/(58) [General view] Cairo. 
Photo 475/(59) Ancient Athens. 
Photo 475/(60) Modern Athens. 
Photo 475/(61) Theatre Royal, Malta. 
Photo 475/(62) Theatre Royal, H.M.S. 'Serapis'. 
Photo 475/(63) Palace at Malta. 
Photo 475/(64) [Panoramic view of the Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta.] 
Photo 475/(65) [Panoramic view of the Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta.] 
Photo 475/(66) Visit of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales to Ceylon. 
Photo 475/(67) [View of a triumphal arch erected in honour of the Prince of Wales' visit to Ceylon.] 
Photo 475/(68) [Portrait of the Prince of Wales and suite with officers of H.M.S. 'Serapis' on the deck of the ship.] 
Photo 475/(69) [View of an unidentified building in Ceylon. Possibly Admiralty House, Trincomalee.] 
Photo 475/(70) The Pavilion, Kandy. The Governor's Residence. 
Photo 475/(71) Adam's Peak from Layapana Ferry, Maskeliya Valley, [Ceylon]. 
Photo 475/(72) [Panoramic view of Gibraltar.] 
Photo 475/(73) [Panoramic view of Gibraltar.] 

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