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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Burney 289

ff. 1-126v 
Author Augustine
Title Confessions, Retractions (extract)
ff. 126v-127 
Author Petrach, Pseudo-Augustine, Anonymous
Title Verses, sermon, hymn
Origin Italy, Central (Florence)
Date 1427
Language Latin
Script Humanistic
Scribe Probably by Ser Niccolò Berti Martine de Gentiluccis of S. Gimignano
Decoration Large and small gold initials with white vine scroll decoration on blue, olive green, and yellow grounds, the first with a putto, bird and butterfly. Small simple red initials. Some headings and notes in pink or red.
Dimensions in mm 235 x 160 (150 x 100)
Official foliation ff. iv + 132 (ff. i-iv, 1, and 130-132 are flyleaves: i-iii and 130-132 are modern paper, ff. iv and 1 are parchment; ff. 128-129 are blank folios that are part of the last gathering)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Brown tooled calf; title on edges.
Provenance Written in 1427 according to a note on f. 126v: ‘per me n. mcccc xxvij’ probably by Ser Niccolò Berti Martine de Gentiluccis of S. Gimignano (b. c.1389, d. 1468), in Florence, Italy, according to Garzelli and de la Mare 1985 and the unpublished notes of A. C. de la Mare at the Bodleian Library.
? Cardinal Domenico Capranica (b. 1400, d. 1458), theologian, canonist, and statesman.
On ff. iv and 1 a partly erased (?) 17th century inscription: ‘71 Collegii’, possibly referring to the Collegio Capranica, Rome, which in a 1657 catalogue included an ‘Augustini retractationes et confessiones . de pergameno in 4° (see Die Illuminierten Handschriften der Rossiana in Wien-Lainz, ed. by Hans Tietze, Beschreibendes Verzeichnis der illuminierten Handschriften in Österreich, 5 (Leipzig: Hiersemann, 1911), p. ix, col. 2).
Inscribed in a 17th century hand: ‘Julius Cesar Valentinus/Romanus fio s . . .’ , f. 1v, possibly a librarian of the Collegio Capranica.
Charles Burney (b. 1757, d. 1817), D.D., classical scholar.
Acquired by the British Museum as part of Burney's library from his son Charles Parr Burney in 1818.
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Last revised: 05 February 2005


ff. 1-126v
Augustine Confessions, Retractions (extract)
* * *
Illuminated initials

f. 2
Illuminated initials

f. 2

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