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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Royal 12 A VII

Author Nicolas Denisot
Title Verses and declamation on the death of Henry VIII and the accession of Edward VI
Origin England
Date 1547
Language Latin
Script Humanistic and Humanistic cursive
Scribe Attributed to Nicolas Denisot
Decoration Headings in gold and silver. Ruled in gold and silver. Cadels.
Dimensions in mm 155 x 105 (105 x 80)
Official foliation ff. 34 (+ 3 unfoliated paper + 2 parchment flyleaves at the beginning + 1 unfoliated parchment + 3 paper flyleaves at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Red leather with gold tooling; arms of George II; gilt fore-edges.
Provenance Text written by the French poet and engraver Nicloas Denisot (b. 1515, d. 1559); probably in his own hand.
The Old Royal Library (the English Royal Library): included in the catalogue of 1661, Royal Appendix 86, f. 35.
Presented to the British Museum by George II in 1757 as part of the Old Royal Library.
Notes Contents:
1) 'Ad librum' (f. 1).
2) 'Acclamatio in Funere Henrici Octavi Angliae, Franciae et Hyberniae Regis Invictissimi, Nicolao Denisoto, Gallo, authore' (in prose with eight introductory verses) (f. 3).
3) 'Aegloga quae Amaryllis dicitur super immatura morte Regis Henrici' (f. 9).
4) 'Henrici Octavi, Angliae, Franciae et Hiberniae Regis Invictis Epicedium, Nicolao Denisoto, Gallo, authore' (f. 15)
5) 'Oceani Britannici Plausus Super Ingressu Eduardi VI, Angliae, Franciae et Hiberniae Regis Invictis, Nicolao Denisoto authore' (f. 25).
6) 'Temesus, Eduardus Sextus Rex Salutatus, Nicolao Denisoto, Gallo, authore' (f. 29)
'Between 1547 and 1549 Denisot was in England and became a tutor to the three daughters of the duke of Somerset, lord protector during the minority of Edward VI. He may have ingratiated himself by writing poems in praise of the new king and his father, Henry VIII. These survive in the British Library, in an exquisite little vellum book probably made by Denisot. On his return to France he edited a collection of Latin poems by the daughters of Somerset and a number of French poets, which paid tribute to Marguerite de Navarre, who had recently died' (Margaret Lucille Kekewich, ‘Denisot, Nicolas (1515–1559)’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, 2004), [, accessed 9 Oct 2009]
Select bibliography George F. Warner and Julius P. Gilson, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Old Royal and King’s Collections, 4 vols (London: British Museum, 1921), II, p. 1.

Clément Jugé, Nicolas Denisot du Mans (1515-1559): essai sur sa vie et ses oeuvres (Le Mans: A. Lemerre, 1907), pp. 47-55.

* * *
Headings in gold and silver

f. 9
Headings in gold and silver

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